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When the dead of winter hits, many homeowners are shocked by an enormous utility bill. To make matters worse, this bloated bill usually arrives right around the same time as the post-Christmas credit card bill. You can avoid the “sticker shock” of rising heating costs by planning ahead and following these easy tips.


You might be amazed at the amount of heat that is lost through doors, windows, and electrical outlets. Sometimes you can feel a draft around these areas. That means heat that you’ve already paid for is literally going right out the window! A few dollars in foam insulation installed around window and door seals and behind outlet and light covers could save you a lot of money in the long run.

If your windows are single pane or particularly leaky, you might consider special window insulation kits that use thin, nearly invisible sheets of clear plastic that you can attach to your windows. Then use a hair dryer to run a bit of heat over them, effectively shrink-wrapping your window frames and keeping out drafts, while adding a layer of air between the window and plastic, to act as thermal insulation.

Keep it Covered

warm clothes can help a lotWhile you don’t necessarily have to run around the house in your winter coat, dressing in layers can keep you comfortable and allow you to turn down the thermostat a few degrees. Remember that you lose a lot of heat from leaving your head and feet exposed, so sock or slippers are an excellent choice for lounging around the house. You also might consider the very lightweight, loose-knit hats that give you a little extra warmth without making you overheat. A light sweater over a long sleeved shirt is another option, which will allow you to shed the sweater whenever you’re moving around more and feeling warmer. If you want to stay really warm, you can try using some electrically heated clothing. You can find some good options at Bosch heated jackets

Alternative or Supplemental Heat

If one type of heating tends to be far more expensive in your area than others, look into the cost of other forms of heating. If you live in the country, you may have access to cheap or free wood heat, which you can burn in a wood stove. A small boxwood stove is fairly inexpensive and will more than compensate p for its cost in the long run if you can find a cheap wood source.

For those who live in areas with high natural gas or fuel oil costs, you might consider a small electric heater to warm up your most-used room, or just a small personal heater to take the edge off the chill, providing a toasty warmth as you watch your favorite TV show at night.

You can also keep a few throw blankets around the house for when you’re watching a movie or curling up with a favorite book.

These easy, low-cost solutions can help you trim off some of those heating dollars each month, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars every year in heating costs while keeping you and your family comfortable and warm throughout the winter.

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